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Marketing your brand is key to success today. Let’s talk about 9 advantages of brand marketing.

Advantage #1 – People that know and trust your brand convert at a higher rate and for a higher value then if they don’t know you or are price shopping! Much better than keyword ads on Google or buying leads, door knocking, etc..

Advantage #2 – You get far more referrals and word of mouth business

Advantage #3 – You are positioned well for voice search!

Advantage #4 – You get more social engagement and followers and therefore more organic reach!

Advantage #5 – You build the value of your business! If you ever want to sell your business someday, you’ll want a strong brand!

Advantage #6 – You’ll rank higher on Google, Google looks at brand signals to determine ranking and show the most relevant and trusted businesses.

Advantage #7 – Over time, your CPA goes down and marketing ROI goes up!

Advantage #8 – You capture more market-share in your local area.

Advantage #9 – How to build a brand? Brand ads on social media (FB, IG, YT, LI, etc), digital billboards, local apps like Waze, brand ads on search, retargeting, community involvement, social media management, get your brand and name out there! Be active in your community and with your online target audience! Make sure you have a great looking brand with value-add content.

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